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Is BioVinci free?

At the moment, the 15-days trial and the web demo (limited functions) are free. We only charge for the Desktop edition. But great discounts are usually available. Check it out.


Does BioVinci collect my data?

No. BioVinci does not collect your data. We only record the anonymized usage data to improve your experience, which you can turn off anytime. Read more about our privacy policy here.


Does BioVinci automatically renew my license?

No. We do not automatically renew your license when it expires.


What kind of input data can I use?

You can input any kind of table data from CSV, TSV, Excel, and BVC files. Keep in mind that your Excel files should only contain the raw data table without functions or merged cells.


What is a BVC file?

BVC file is our unique file format. It compacts everything of your workset in BioVinci, including the input data, parameters used, output visualizations and statistics. It makes collaboration much easier.


What kind of operating systems does BioVinci Desktop Edition support?

At the moment, BioVinci supports Mac OS (10.9 and above), Windows (7,8, and 10), Ubuntu LTS (16.04 and 18.04), and Debian 9


What technology does BioVinci use for visualization and statistics?

BioVinci uses Plotly, a visualization library on R to create most graphs, and popular R libraries to run analyses. If you need more details, just drop us a message.


I’ve created an interesting visualization from my data. How can I share it?

You can share a BVC file with your colleagues to show them the visualization, the input data and parameters chosen. BioVinci also supports sharing graphs without disclosing the data underneath, on Facebook, Twitter, or through emails. You can review and delete what you have shared under the Share tab in BioVinci.


Does the annual license start immediately after purchasing?

No. You can keep the license key as long as you want. The license only starts counting down after you activate it on a device for the first time.


How many times can I request a trial?

Each device can activate one trial license only. Each email address can request up to two trial licenses for two different devices. If you need to extend the trial license, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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