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Automatically finds the most suitable algorithm

BioVinci automatically runs state-of-the-art methods and recommends the best one to visualize your high dimensional data.

See what's available:

Principal component analysis (PCA) in 2D/3D
t-Distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding (t-SNE)
Uniform Manifold Approximation and Projection (UMAP)
Isometric feature mapping (Isomap)
Locally Linear Embedding (LLE)

Extract important features

View the most important features, find representative features for a cluster, and explore your data using a decision tree model.

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Make your insights

Instantly apply publication-standard formats into your plots
Flexibly edit plot details and analysis results with diverse options: add or remove elements, change colors, shapes, texts, parameters, etc.
Create your own desirable themes and save them for future works.

Drag and drop

extra visualizations

Simply drag and drop to instantly visualize your data with more options.

Box plot
Venn diagram
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BioVinci opens an entire new category of graphical functions that I was, prior to this software, incapable
of doing.
Jarrod Harman - New Orleans Health Sciences Center
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